“It’s the Question that Drives Us” Turning Over a New Leaf

There are places along the northern and southern borders of the U.S. where you can literally step from one sovereign nation to the next.  Figuratively that was where I was several months ago.  I would fulfill my role as pastor in my local parish; then when I had time off I dedicated to the practice of writing by means of this blog.  The former is a life of slightly more defined lines of expectation and success; the latter is an open sea of personal thought and expression.  Essentially two different worlds.  For a while, crossing over from one world to the next was seamless.  But busyness and fatigue soon placed a Grand Canyon between work and play, leaving “It’s the Question that Drives Us” to be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


I started this blog because I believe in questions…and more so, I believe in the freedom to ask.  I suppose there are many subjects that beg for more questions, but this blog has targeted faith, politics, and popular culture more specifically.  Not that my opinion matters, but I have come to decide on important matters of life and faith because I was given freedom to dive in the pool of query and constructive criticism.  In many places (and not just church), asking questions is forbidden ground.  My goal for this blog is to open the borders and give anyone the freedom to ask.  I want atheists and agnostics to contribute their thoughts.  I want Jews, Hindus, and Muslims to give their take.  No matter who you are and where you’re from, consider this an invitation to let your questions fly.  And hopefully you’ll find that the question drives us into deeper waters of insight and revelation.


I think I’ll begin with two entries a week and go from there.  The post at the beginning of the week will be an open-ended comment or question.  I hope you offer your thoughts and questions.  The second will most likely be Friday, my day off.  This will be my own ramblings about life, faith, and/or culture.  Once again, I’d love for you to comment.  I’ve also changed up the theme of the blog and will update my other pages as well.  I may decide to buy a domain, but at this point I hope to get exposure on Facebook and general blog searchers.

Cheers, and happy questioning,



One thought on ““It’s the Question that Drives Us” Turning Over a New Leaf

  1. great Erik! Good to read from you again. You’ve always managed to ask me the most random and yet most right questions at the right time… so keepy asking 🙂 and I love that picture of you!

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