Weekly Question: Texting and Connecting

So I might have over-promised in saying that I would submit two entries a week.  Life just doesn’t allow it right now, so I’ll do the best I can.  I hope you still enjoy…

This week’s question is about a recent study that showed that the average teen sends 3,339 texts per month.  I personally believe that texting is a wonderful tool to communicate with someone without actually connecting with them.  It seemed to start out as a convenient little way to say short things, such as: “be there in 10 minutes” or “pizza for dinner?”  But now it’s replaced calling, becoming one of the primary avenues of interpersonal communication.  Are we as a society becoming more fearful of connecting in meaningful ways? In my job I receive a lot of requests; requests for prayer, requests for pastoral visits, requests for communion…most of which come from more mature adults.  Somehow my presence as a pastor is valued when difficulties come.  But for me it’s different.  My wife recently had minor surgery, but in the days leading up we actually forgot to tell people.  And if I were laid up in the hospital, I don’t think I’d want people coming to visit all the time.  Now this could just be an introvert thing, but is this the societal trend as well?  How about those with teenagers, what is your experience? Look forward to hearing from you.

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