Weekly Question: Voting by Faith?

Well tomorrow is voting day.  Since I particularly have a huge interest in the role of faith in culture and society, I’m curious as to how you all would answer this question….what role does faith play in your voting record?  and why? Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


One thought on “Weekly Question: Voting by Faith?

  1. I really like this question because it made me stop and think hard about my voting record. Personally, I think my faith only really provides a base foundation regarding who I vote for. Belonging to the UMC, I tend to trend away from anyone hard core left or right because I value moderation (compromise to get things done) for the most part. I could never vote for someone like Obama who attended such a hate filled left wing church but neither could I support Palin once I found out what kind of nut job church she attended. So I guess I am a anti-Beck Republican perhaps.

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