Weekly Question: How Do You Define Peace?

The word “peace” can be quite the relative term.  Miss America Pageant hopefuls wish “world peace” upon humanity like a buzzword fad that somehow will earn them points with the judges, though they probably have no real concept as to what that looks like.  Some view it as some Gandhian philosophy of nonviolence.  Others throw it around ironically, such as an act of military aggression as a “peace mission.”  Peace is a common Christmas topic, but what does it mean?  And can it ever become something we achieve rather than something we simply pontificate.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

One thought on “Weekly Question: How Do You Define Peace?

  1. Peace to me would be the absence of aggression. Aggression is not only by strong against weak or rich against poor but can also encompass the envy and jealousy of the weak and poor against the strong and rich. To have peace we have to lack aggression. To lack aggression we have to be content with our circumstances. Unfortunately I don’t think most of our brothers and sisters are capable of this.

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