Weekly Question: Snowed In?

For those of you in the Midwest and beyond, you might  be stuck at home watching HGTV or Animal Planet (like my wife).  Even though the day may evoke feelings of the good ol’ days when school was canceled, life is now different.  Snow days may not be as welcome with people depending on the day’s wages in a slow economy.  And then there’s the kids off school, what do you do if you have to work and the kids are stuck at home?  I’d be interested to hear your stance, so feel free to comment below.

One thought on “Weekly Question: Snowed In?

  1. Well, I’m not making any money today since all the schools are closed. Definitely a downfall of being a sub. Of course, I wouldn’t have gone to work today anyway because I have a fever…so maybe it’s good that the schools were closed anyway. But on a normal day, I would be annoyed by not making any money.

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