Weekly Question: Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

I’m sure many of you are keeping up with the crisis in Japan.  Not only have they been devastated by a crippling earthquake and debilitating tsunami, multiple nuclear reactors are in danger is melting down, causing a nuclear crisis.  Energy, particularly nuclear energy, is something that is often taken for granted.  We rarely turn on the lights or TV thinking of how that electricity came to our home.  We just pay our bill and move on.  The crisis in Japan reminds us that there are considerable risks to nuclear energy that even the strongest safeguards can’t remove.  Anti-nuclear something-or-others are taking this time to point out the danger of such technology.  Are they right?  Is it still worth the risk?  Love to hear your thoughts

One thought on “Weekly Question: Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

  1. I believe that one of the greatest disservices the environmental movement has done itself in the past forty years has been the demonization of nuclear power. There’s a great write up on Slate of the actual events around the Japanese nuclear reactors, and a short comparison to the safety record of the fossil fuel industry. I won’t recount the details of the article, but the analogy of flying v. driving comes to mind. Flying remains considerably safer than our daily road travel by any imaginably reasonable measure. That doesn’t stop me from gripping the arm rests just a little more tightly during take-off and landing. I shouldn’t let that all-too-human tendency to misjudge risk prevent me from taking advantage of the convenience and advantages that come from being able to cross the country in a few hours.

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