Weekly Question: Is Your Church a Little Too Friendly?

Once when my wife and I were looking to worship somewhere together on a Sunday night, we came up on a church nearby that had recently built a new building.  In the 10 minutes prior to the service actually starting, several people honed in on us with their “visitor radar.”  We were approached and welcomed so much to the point where it became awkward and overwhelming.  Have you ever had a an experience like that?  If you were visiting a service, how much welcome-ness is  too much?  Click here to comment

One thought on “Weekly Question: Is Your Church a Little Too Friendly?

  1. My first time visiting a Catholic service, because my roommate wanted to give it a try. They volunteered us to perform a bunch of rites we were only vaguely familiar with, like bringing stuff up front during the service. The rev. (priest? father? see I don’t even know) asked us a bunch of smalltalky personal questions while we were up there, it was pretty awkward.

    Outside of that, yeah, I’m more familiar with the protestant method of making you feel welcome to the point you feel singled out as sort of an outsider.

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