First Week of Fatherhood

I’m sure most of you have noticed that the posts just aren’t flying as freely as they used to.  There’s been a lot of adjustment going on in my life.  First moving in July, now welcoming our beautiful baby boy, Asher Lee.  I hope to get back to my blogging routine soon, but for now allow me to share with you my thought process as a father in the first week….

FATHER…that’s me.  It’s not my dad, it’s me.  I’m a father.  This seems matter-of-fact for most people; but for me, the tectonic plates of my life have shifted.  My identity is different…my life is different.  Different, not in a bad way, but in a “whoa!” or “wow” kinda way.  I’m engulfed in this new, grand, and seemingly surreal life that I’m still having a hard time conceptualizing.  Part of it is how my life has changed; how every decision needs to be calculated with the fact that we have a child.  Can I go upstairs to brush my teeth?  No, I need to wait until Amanda gets back downstairs from brushing her teeth so the baby isn’t left alone in the swing.  No brushing together.  Oh yeah, no sleep either; but I’ve already accepted that as life’s new norm so I forgot to even mention it.  And never mind what I can’t do…how about what I must now do!  Diapers.  Mounds and mounds of diapers.  My life is now about urine, poop, and spit-up breast milk.

This may seem like a big moan session, but I don’t mind the responsibility…in fact, I kinda like it.  It’s an amazing feeling that this fragile human being is totally dependent upon my care.  It’s heart-tingling to know that every kiss, hold, burp, smile, and wipe is an integral message of love to a baby who needs to know that the world is safe.  More than that, this kid is totally worth it.  I could go into a whole gushy diatribe why my kid is easily the cutest and best kid in the world, but that would be too cliche.  Simply put, I love being a dad.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy a minivan.






4 thoughts on “First Week of Fatherhood

  1. my son said somewhat the same things when their first born (going to be 5 on the 28th of this month) arrived. before #2 was in progress, they sold their subaru outback and obtained a nissan pathfinder, with 3rd row of seats. not quite the minivan, an suv, but still- the suburban hauler!

    so the quintessential question every parent asks is, would i take back this complete and utter shift in my life? and the quintessential answer is typically, hell no! of course not. while he’s changed your routines, asher will help you create new ones, that soon will feel like normal to you both.

    meantime, enjoy changing poopy and pee diapers! speaking from one who has been there, that goes by SO FAST… hard to believe my oldest, the above mentioned son, will be 30 this november. seems like yesterday when HE was small enough to actually need us, and now he’s the daddy in the picture. i know it seems like forever right now… trust me, it goes way too quickly. love on him; take lots of pictures (oh the options you new parents have compared to when i had babies!); take him to every place you go (the exposure is good for him); go out to eat- DO NOT HERMIT (just don’t take him to the movies please)… see you all in church soon!!!

  2. Thanks for your post! Just two years ago, I was going through my first few days of being a father too. I’m learning so much every day. I write a blog on fatherhood called Teacher Daddy. Check it out when you have a moment. I’d appreciate your feedback. It’s at Cheers, and keep posting!

  3. Erik – I had not realized the birth of your child had already come and gone ! Guess I missed the facebook posts somewhere along the line! Congratulations! I expect being a father is “almost” 🙂 as wonderful as being a mother! Lorna

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