Weekly Question is Back!

Amanda Knox is claimed innocent in an appeals court and on her way home.  The last time I wrote about her case, I wondered if the general European opinion was impacted by the reputation of the US.  Now that she’s headed back to Seattle, what do you think?  Did she get off Scott-free or was justice served?  Share your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Question is Back!

  1. It is interesting that her friends are still in jail (at least at 10/4/2011). We will see what happens with them. However, the strategy of defense attorneys seems to be mainly to create doubts about evidences rather than proofing innocence. And it is ok, in dubio pro reo. This still counts. Therefore, justice was indeed served.

  2. Unfortunately those dummy Italian CSIs mucked up the gathering of evidence worse than the OJ crime scene back in the day. Otherwise, without the knife and bra called into doubt and Knox getting caught in a lie trying to protect that African, she would be in prison rotting where she belongs.

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