Are New Year’s Resolutions Pointless?

In light of another sub-par year for the Cleveland Browns, as well as the scandal of playing Colt McCoy despite a concussion, fans wanted answers.  Mike Holmgren, the team’s president, stepped up to the microphone to defend himself and the organization against what Browns’ fans are calling “business as usual” — another failed team, more controversy, more disappointment.  Why have hope for the future when it’s been so bad for so long?

New Year’s resolutions are often scoffed at as well.  The running joke is that as often as one makes a promise to themselves, those promises are broken.  The diet is stopped.  The habit continues.  Mediocrity rules.  It’s “business as usual.”

So are these resolutions pointless?

Well I have found that it’s never pointless to hope for the better.  Sure, we’ll mess up.  But the only sure-fire plan to keep making the same errors is to not care or not push ourselves to correct our weaknesses.  Why not make goals?  Why not hope for the better?  How is the future ever not bright?

Here are my resolutions for 2012:

1.  Make fasting a part of my rhythm of life.

2.  Get to about 200 lbs. by eating right and exercising.

3.  Grow as a father.

4.  Read more, watch less TV.

5.  Take more frequent hikes and backpacking trips.

6.  Lead a mission team to Haiti.

7.  Become more organized and administrative, become a better leader.

8.  Block time for prayer, vision, and creativity.

9.  Blog/write more 🙂

10. Decrease debt significantly.


2 thoughts on “Are New Year’s Resolutions Pointless?

  1. Those are some good goals. I am always a fan of writing out goals too!

    I have another one for you – Make Asher and Baby JJ best friends by visiting each other as often as possible. 🙂

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