Weekly Question: Is There Harm in Third Parties?

A recent Facebook conversation among friends sparked controversy over third party candidates.  Are third parties helpful or hurtful?  While we would like to think that all people vote for the candidate they most admire, many people also vote simply because they they know exactly who they DON’T want in office.  So for example, if Romney ends up being a Republican candidate, even though some people may not exactly like him, they certainly don’t want Obama to come back.  So they vote for Romney, even though another third party candidate more correctly reflects their own values.

So here’s my question.  In that type of scenario would you rather vote for YOUR candidate or attempt to block the candidate you don’t like by voting for a person that has a better chance?


One thought on “Weekly Question: Is There Harm in Third Parties?

  1. Third Parites are always helpful, even if they are a kook like Ron Paul. The two party system, which is dominated by corporate money and bribery, is big the single biggest contributor to the demise of the American democracy. I would argue that there is really only one party, the Corporate Party, and it has two heads: Republicans and Democrats.

    I would never personally vote for Ron Paul (because he’s a right-wing extremist), but the presence of a Third Party candidate is not only helpful, but necessary if we want a presidential ELECTION instead of what we have now, which is a presidential SELECTION. I have voted for Nader since 2000 and I would vote for him again if he were running in 2012. He has been the only truly Independent candidate this country has seen in the last 6 or 7 presidential elections. Ron Paul isn’t because ultimately he is more aligned with the Republican party than anything else… and if by some remote possibility that he would get the nomination from the Republican Party (which he clearly won’t), he would be in the White House as a Republican… which by default makes him part of the problem, not the solution.

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