Weekly Question: Do we all end up in the same place?

It’s been some time now, but do you remember the finale of the show Lost?  (spoiler alert for those on the Netflix schedule)  It turned out they were all playing out this afterlife scenario!  All the flashbacks and different confusing pieces were all explained as events in a place where time didn’t exist.  Clever.  But in the end they were also in a room that had an interesting stained-glass window that had symbols of major religions in the world.  I’m assuming this was to claim the increasingly popular view that all religions are the same and that we’ll all end up in the same place in the end.

What do you believe?  Is this really the case?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Question: Do we all end up in the same place?

  1. Way to stir up the hornets nest. 🙂 I will tell you one day what I think if we talk…don’t want to be stoned via the internet. Much love, Cris

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts, and I understand you wanting to keep them private. Feel free to message me on facebook or something. I’m preparing for a sermon series titled “The Other Side: on Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife.”

  2. Interesting. Maybe we don’t all end up in the same place. Maybe we end up either where we deserve to be, or where it is that we always longed to be.

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