A Great Miracle

ImageOne of the greatest miracles this generation could experience is a true revival in the American church.  This doesn’t begin with God parting the heavens and randomly shooting a beam of light on earth….Thor style.  It begins with the yearning, the calling, the tears, the anticipation of people so discontented with their lives in this world that they are led to say, “There’s got to be more than this.”

And so they slide out their hands that they had been sitting on for so long; and they do nothing except fall to their knees uttering the simplest prayer: “More of you, Lord.”  The untrained eye mistakes holy-availability for laziness.  And the doer grows impatient with this sacred posture.

Samson, the manliest of men, ripped a lion apart with his bare hands only to play victim to the deceit of sexual desire.  Daniel endured a den of lions by the power of God channeled by illegal prayer.  Battles are won in the secret place.

It’s the simplest and yet most complex of thoughts, but revival, I believe, will occur in the communities that truly just want more of God.  This is why movements largely happen outside the walls of churches: because there’s less to covet.

Do you not see the great miracle?  The miracle that droves of people would set aside their wants in order to see, feel, experience God in their own lives and the communities in which they live?  What an amazing accomplishment that would be.


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