Sermon Snapshot

A quote from John Wesley that will end up in my sermon tomorrow.  Requires a bit of meditation I think…

“Gain all you can by honest industry.  Use all possible diligence in your calling.  Lose no time.  If you understand yourself and your relation to God and man, you know you have none to spare.  If you understand your particular calling as you ought, you will have no time that hangs upon your hands.  Every business will afford some employment sufficient for every day and every hour.  That wherein you are placed, if you follow it in earnest, will leave you no leisure for silly, unprofitable diversions.  You have always something better to do, something that will profit you, more or less.  And ‘whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.’  Do it as soon as possible: No delay!  No putting off from day to day, or from hour to hour.  Never leave anything till tomorrow, which you can do today.  And do is as well as possible.  Do not sleep or yawn over it: Put your whole strength to the world.  Spare no pains.  Let nothing be done by halves, or in a slight and careless manner.  Let nothing in your business be left undone if it can be done by labour or patience.”

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