When Will These 40 Days End?

40…the number of struggle, of testing.

Lent happens to be 40 days (minus Sundays), inspired by Jesus who wandered into the desert without any food for 40 days and capped off by being tested by Satan.

It’s Lent, and it’s my 40 days.  It very well could be 40 years if I read my Bible, but I’m going to hope for the best here.  I’m fasting a bit, but a series of events in my life have left me humbled…vulnerable…and broken.

If I read further in my Bible, it also seems that this is exactly where God wants me.  I have preached a few times that God is less concerned with our ability and more with our availability.  Perhaps it’s time to practice what I preach.

But let me dig deeper…and take aim at pastors and others in professional ministry.  What’s more important, success or faithfulness?  If you don’t differentiate the two, I would ask you to think twice.  When faithful, success to the outsider is nothing more than being faithful to you.  When successful, and feeling its buzz, questions of faithfulness have their place.

Sacrificing your own success is perhaps the first step in being faithful.  It puts you from first to last, and God to first.

I know these 40 days won’t last forever, but while I’m here I figure to sit in the fog and work on my complete dependency on the Lord.


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