In my marriage, it’s important to reinforce that my wife is the only one for me.

I like to use the word “irreplaceable.”  She’s the one for me…there is no other.  However, you don’t need to be flirting with adultery to betray that commitment.  All kinds of things each day seek to distract me and consume my attention over her.

I imagine the same struggle applies to God.  Where these diversions from my spouse warn of adultery; diversions from God warn of idolatry.

Today, reinforce your love relationship with God.  If you can’t find your own words, feel free to borrow from Isaiah:

You, the Lord, alone have declared
What is to come from the distant past.
There is no God apart from You,
A righteous God and a Savior;
There is none besides You.
You are God, and there is no other.

*Boa, K. (1993). Handbook to prayer: Praying scripture back to God. Atlanta: Trinity House.

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