A Word About Jason Collins (and then some questions)

If it’s even remotely possible, I’d like to talk about Jason Collins’ recent announcement without talking about homosexuality.

I know the sports world, and I know what a locker room environment can be.  To think that Jason Collins hid a central piece to who he is for decades is remarkable.  And given the vitriolic behavior and speech towards homosexuality, it’s easy to understand why.

What’s remarkable about Jason Collins is that billions of people hide behind a plastic facade every day in order to look acceptable and ‘normal’ to everyone else.  It is a trap that so many don’t know how to escape from.

I’m not talking about homosexuality.  I’m talking about the people-pleasing that commands our attention when we choose what to wear for the day, or where or with whom we socialize.  And it can direct what kind of house or car we buy.

So here are the big 3 questions I hope to wrestle with:

1.  Who is God?

2.  Who are you?

3.  Who does God desire you to become?

One thought on “A Word About Jason Collins (and then some questions)

  1. Great questions! and may I suggest Richard Rohr’s “Immortal Diamond: the search for the True Self” for some very interesting answers

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