Jesus Is Just For Needy People

Skeptics of Christianity have stated that the faith is simply a crutch for the needy.

Yes, yes it is.

I’ve never had to use crutches before, but I did have a walking boot once.  I’ve broken my wrist, too.  I’ve had financial needs.  I’ve had emotional breakdowns.  I’ve been sad and brokenhearted.  I’ve felt lost and confused.  I’ve been sick.  I’ve been in need.

I’m generally a healthy person with a stable income that really has no reason to complain, but I am still a person in need.  Users of the “crutch” critique miss one incredible point: there is no one that doesn’t have need.

So…Christianity, the saving love and grace of God through Jesus Christ, is for all people in need…which just so happens to be all people.

Thanks be to God.

I will give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
His lovingkindness endures forever.
I will give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love
And His wonderful acts to the children of men,
For He satisfies the thirsty soul
And fills the hungry soul with good things. (Psalm 107:1, 8–9)

*Boa, K. (1993). Handbook to prayer: Praying scripture back to God. Atlanta: Trinity House.


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