A Life in God

What does it look like to find God in every moment?  To sense the Spirit in every conversation…in every activity?

The common way is to view the pieces of life as the alternative to Spirit-filled moments.  “I’ll just get this done,” you’ll say, ” then I can actually have time with God.”  But the “thing” is replaced by another, then another, and then another.  This is not unlike the person who says that they’ll be “more religious” after they can establish their career, or when they have kids, or when they’ll have more time (there is no greater falsehood than the last).

To think that life can be had separate from or prior to an encounter with God is deceiving   What I find is that if you prioritize God as the first encounter of your day, God’s presence becomes integrated in all of the day’s activities.

Then, life itself is no longer an alternative experience from God, but your life is in God.


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