Chronic Time Snatchers

This week was full of things…good things…snatching up my time.  This tends to happen in pastoral ministry, so I’m okay with it for a week.  But one week can so easily become two, and then three, and then time snatching becomes a chronic problem.

Let’s be honest, there is a ton of need in this world and God is always working.  But if you’re dealing with chronic time snatchers there’s one key point you need to understand: YOU ARE NOT GOD.

These priority pilfers are good at what they do.  They leave your throw-aways and go for the valuables.

Time in devotion and prayer with God.

Time with family.

Sermon prep.


Saying no, especially to good things, seems like a cold, heartless practice.  But actually, saying no might be your saving grace.  You want to be your best self on the job, with people, and for God.  Saying no at times to good things shields your best self from becoming a burned-out version that stumbles around your day, makes constant mistakes, and fails to filter that thing you were thinking but shouldn’t have said.

Say yes to saying no.


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