Where Is the River Source?

When someone goes into full-time, pastoral ministry, it usually begins with a very simple desire: to bring people closer to Jesus Christ.  I’m sure there are some variations to that, but you get the drift. But then you realize that being a leader in a church forces to take on other skills.

First there are the macro elements: event planning, visioning, community development, fund development, public speaking, team building, and more.  Then there are the skills with more of a micro focus: interpersonal excellence, counseling, encouraging, conflict resolution, human resourcing, small claims representative, and more.

With the drive to be the best you can be, you can so easily forget the simple, fundamental reason why you signed up for God’s service in the first place.  A river has lots of twists and turns.  It’s deep at places and shallow at others.  The water runs smoothly without an obstruction and roughly around the cataracts.  A river is diverse in many ways, but it has just one source.

Do yourself a favor and take a step back, re-calibrate, and unearth that simple and powerful call upon your life.  Recently I’ve done this, and the rest just seemed to flow from the source.

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