Sermon Snapshot: A Faith That Saves

While my friend Pete will discuss the Encounter of Healing at Catalyst, I’ll be preaching the morning services at Church of the Saviour.  Following the lectionary, I’ll be preaching in our theme Faith Brought to Life with a sermon “A Faith that Saves.”  Here’s s a small piece of Scripture I paraphrased from Luke 7:36-50:

Jesus responds to the Pharisee’s inner thoughts by setting up a question: “A credit card company decides to cancel two debts  (this is when we know it’s a hypothetical situation).  Through random selection, they chose a lawyer from Miami who owed $10,000 from the costs of a recent get-away to Belize; and a coal miner who owed $100,000 because his plant recently closed and he had been paying medical bills for the treatment of his ill wife.  Tell me, Simon, who would be more grateful?”

“the one with the greater debt, I suppose,” said Simon.

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