Do You Have An Honorable Name?

Shame and honor are a big deal in the Bible.  It speaks to what a name means and what a person stands for. It speaks to who one is and who one is representing.

I’m at a conference right now.  Just like any conference, one of the first things you do is register and receive your name tag.  It may have your name and where you’re from.  And what that name tag says matters.  It’s a tool in helping others meet you and get to know you. 

So many times I portray myself or am portrayed in a way that I’m not pleased with.  This is different than people-pleasing, mind you.  People-pleasing cares what everyone else thinks about you…honor seeking cares about what your future self thinks.  When I am old and I look back upon my life (God willing), I will have wanted to bring honor to my name and my household.

All that to say, my honor is not as important as God’s. 

May I set my heart to honor Your name. (Malachi 2:2)

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