Can You Bother to Be a Little Bothered?

Yesterday morning the power went out, leaving us without our basic appliances for most of the day.  It was a minor annoyance, but it reminded me how dependent we have become on power.

Think this is a post on simplicity?  Think again.

From the spiritual perspective, I would love to think that my life has become accustomed to relying on the power of God.  Then, when that power is withdrawn or ignored, a huge deficit is experienced.

So this describes me sooooomewhat.

There is a good, healthy, holy discontentedness that I experience from time to time.  It is my spirit telling my life, “Where is the power?!”  In these moments I crave the real, tangible, experience of Jesus Christ.  It’s the sneaky, numb, inoculated, dead spirit that lacks any of awareness of deficit that I’m afraid of.  In that state everything is comfortable and okay.  Just livin’ the dream.

Be convicted.  Be bothered.  Stir.  And follow the restlessness of your spirit.  Power awaits.


One thought on “Can You Bother to Be a Little Bothered?

  1. That’s a great comparison. Sometimes we need the lights to flicker in order to regain perspective on where our praise should be. Just as we can’t cook, keep groceries cold, get online or charge our phones when the power is out, we can’t have joy, experience love or offer true forgiveness without Christ. Props to the Holy Spirit. Keeping our generators running for 2000+ years.

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