Maybe You Are the Blind One?

One of my favorite TV shows is called Master Chef.  Last season a blind woman won the competition.  It was amazing to see how she could use all of her other senses other than her sight.  This season the former champion came back to give a tutorial about her cooking. Then she challenged the contestants to wear a blindfold and begin cooking their meal.  They fumbled around so much that it was literally impossible for them to continue cooking, and it brought a whole new appreciation for what this champion did. 

I wish I had the same kind of heightened awareness from my other senses, especially when confronted with the typical “fork in the road” predicaments.  There have been those times when I simply trusted my gut feeling, but it’s so easy to forget what that feels like, and it’s so hard to discern the Spirit’s call.

What do I do?

When do I do it?

One thing seems to be clear.  We all are more blind than we think we are.


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