Is Margin a Good Thing?

I have always hated rules for writing such as margin size.  Okay Grammar Nazis, you’re going to hate me on this one, but it’s true.  I have even heard of professors breaking out their rulers to measure how wide the margins really are.  You may argue how lazy students really are and how important the margins can be.  I just hate dogmatic rules that distract people from the actual content of one’s writing.

I have learned recently, however, that margin is a very good thing in life. 

It started when I actually had a great deal of margin. I said yes to so many things because at the time I thought I had the time to do them.  But all of those things that I said yes to were for a later date. I had no concept of how all of these “yes’s” would pile up on top of one another.  These are all good things, mind you.  It’s just that too many good things is not a good thing.

Make margin. Keep margin. You actually need margin.


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