Can We Make God Known?

Last night my wife and I went to a Jimmy Eat World concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland.  It was a really good show!  It was quite telling by the average age of the crowd, however, that the band had been around a little while.  This was actually a good thing. I didn’t feel too old…and I didn’t feel too young.  All of these people generally my age…boy were they really into this music!

People older than me really didn’t know the songs when I told them I was going to the concert. People younger than me probably don’t know who the band is.  Actually, I wish I could have brought these people along to share the experience with them.  I think they would have recognized some of the songs and have a new appreciation for the band itself.

As a Christian it is our job to make God known…to tell the story…to spread God’s fame.  How do we do that?  How do we remind people of the God of their past? Or how do we introduce God to people for the very first time?  Those are questions that probably cannot be answered in one blog post, but I can’t help but to think about the crowd in the concert. The crowd was just infectious, and they contributed to the overall great experience at the concert last night.

Perhaps we, God’s followers, have more to do with making God known than we realize.  What does that look like for you?

Lord, I have heard of Your fame, and I stand in awe of Your deeds.
O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years,
In our time make them known;
In wrath remember mercy. (Habakkuk 3:2)


2 thoughts on “Can We Make God Known?

  1. We were able to go to a concert recently – Spirit Song, a Christian music festival at King’s Island. It is such an amazing experience to worship with so many others on fire for Christ. Like a good concert, the crowd is infectious! God’s presence is infectious! However, in so many churches worship can be so dead… not to say that they aren’t still worshiping (everyone has a different way of expressing themselves towards God), but how wonderful that we have these different avenues to witness.

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