Seriously, is there anything worse than waiting?

There I was waiting in the check up room at the doctor’s.  It’s been nearly an hour and a half and still no sign.  I have a schedule too, ya know.  Have they done this intentionally?  Have they created a culture where we should expect to never be seen by the doctor at or near the time of our appointment? And I know what the bill will look like…is the waiting worth it?  But I’m already out of the waiting area and into the patient room (how did I not see this subliminal messaging before?)…there is no way out.  I can’t leave and then reschedule for a day in 3 months.  I’m trapped.

Psalm 90:4 says, “For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past, or like a watch in the night.”

No exegesis needed there.

I get it.

Waiting on God feels like waiting for a thousand years.

Then I bellyache to God for an answer…a sign…a direction…a call.  “What?!” God says as he turns off his iPhone and takes his headphones off.  “What do you mean you’ve been waiting for a long time?  It was like a moment ago–like yesterday, a watch in the night.”

Realizing that I’m not on God’s wave length, I pray for patience.  The response?  A consistent punch in the gut with the message: “Chill.Out.”  “Take a deep breath, and chill out.”

The doctor did come.  He even apologized for the wait.  I got a much needed check up and all is well.

Waiting on God…well…there’s no alternative.  Best to chill out.

All will be well.


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