Are You Insecure?

Right now I’m drinking delicious coffee freshly ground from whole Fair-Trade beans (I’m a bit of a snob) out my second favorite mug.

It’s a Mickey Mouse mug, but it has a unique shape that I just like to drink out of.  My first favorite mug has a decent shape to it, but has an attractive look of abstract wisps of different shades of purple.  There’s just something about that mug.  Naturally I can’t drink from the first favorite mug all the time, so I needed a second favorite.  It’s very rare that I would drink from a mug other than these two.

Laughing at my neurotic behavior yet?  My guess is that you’re not so different.

A wise person in my life recently said to me that he’s convinced one of the most primitive, to-the-core things that we seek is security.  Actually, he believes that our quest for love is really a quest for security.  The quest for security can make people do some funny stuff, like have a first and second favorite mug…or sit in the same seat in every class…or make friends with those just like us.

Insecurity, it turns out, can also make us do some funny stuff.

We freak out (even quietly) when our security is breached, like if someone switched out my mugs, or if someone were sitting in my seat.

One more thought from my wise friend, and this is what I find to be pretty profound: we commonly believe that the antidote for insecurity is control, but it’s not.

It’s trust.

Let that ruminate.

“And those who know your name put their trust in you,
for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” –Psalm 9:10


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