What Opportunities Have You Missed?

Ever wake up on your own 10 minutes before your alarm is set to go off?

I hate that.

That happened to me this week…but not really on my own.  No, I had the helpful assistance of a woodpecker hacking away on our wooden plank siding.  I was just throwing on some clothes to shoo it away when I heard it –the sound that makes every parent’s skin crawl.

The baby cried.

The whole scene was so random and comical I decided that I was meant to wake up.  I could’ve been pissed; but instead I allowed it to roll and see an opportunity for a good day.

Recently a friend challenged me to not allow the negatives in my life cloud over the opportunities for good in the moment.

Thanks friend.  I hate you and love you.

But you’re right, and I can’t help but wonder what opportunities I’ve missed because I’m mad at randomness.

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