What’s the Best (and Worst) Question?

A couple weeks ago we were taking our neighbor home with us from Vacation Bible School.  Sweet little 3-year old girl; but man did she have questions!  You know the stage…the “why” stage.  At some point…right around the fiftieth ‘Why’…you just don’t want to answer a question because it’ll only lead to another ‘Why’ question.  And I’m pretty sure “Because” never does the trick.

‘Why’ is the wildcard of all questions.  It has the most potential of reaching new depths of understanding, but also the let-down for those seeking definitive answers.

Why ask ‘Why’?

Why not?

Think about why it is we do certain things (like why did my kid wake up waaaay too early this morning!).  Many times we don’t even know why we say something or behave a particular way, let alone the talk and behavior of someone else.  Asking ‘Why’ can bend our minds to the point of hurting, and at some point we may simply prefer the adage: “Ignorance is bliss.”  But steering clear of ‘Why’ is also mistake.

Answers are like buried treasure.  You may dig and not find anything, but the only sure way not to find the treasure is to never dig.

We HAVE to ask why.  Answers are waiting…


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