How Do You Feed a Soul?

The other day I had a pretty full plate…as it turned out in more ways than one.

I had no time to go home and eat, no money to grab something.  But oh joy!  The youth group had a few pizzas left over in the church kitchen fridge!

So I feasted…really feasted.  If captured on camera, the scene might have rivaled a contestant video for the ‘The Biggest Loser’.

I believe hidden within our gut is a hunger for (yes, pizza…but also) God.  We may not recognize it as such, but I believe it is there.  My problem is that in an attempt to feed that hunger, I impulsively stuff myself with junk.

Many times I think of ‘feeding my soul’ as a good, positive thing; the antithesis to that being that idea of starving the soul.  So you’re either feeding the soul, or starving the soul.  But what I’m wondering here is: is it also possible that I can feed my soul junk food?


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