Wanna Know Why I Rarely Post on Politics Anymore?

If you’re interested, I do have a “politics” category that you can browse.  I would be interested to read me…it’s been so long it would feel like reading someone else.  I suppose the Daily Show and Rush Limbaugh are still doing well, I just wouldn’t know first hand.  Here’s why:

  1. Political discussions are long and unproductive.  I genuinely was interested in other peoples’ thoughts, particularly those that disagreed with me.  But that perspective was not reciprocated.  Discussion was really right-fighting; and if you didn’t argue your point hard enough you didn’t have a real opinion, or your opinion was wrong, or you didn’t have a spine.
  2. Partisan Politics are the concentrate of those common political discussions.  Far be it for any politician to admit an opponent is right, or good, or reasonable.  If you disagree, you disagree on EVERYTHING.  If your opponent appears honest, they are a sleazy politician.  You’re either with us or against us.  This political culture is propagated by pundits, and the sheep cry “bloody murder.”
  3. People take stuff waaaaay too personal.  We all need to lighten up and deal with the fact that other honest, respectable Americans will differ from your opinion.  America is not going to Hell.  Obama or Bush or Whoever is not the Anti-Christ.  Perhaps I can write a blog about the Anti-Christ, but the short version is that the Anti-Christ was responsible for the genocide of thousands of Christians.  Trust me, we’re in a better place.  The point is: go ahead and disagree, but try to do so without Caps Lock and excessive exclamation points.
  4. No political party in the United States of America, which is a secular nation that allows the freedom to express religion, will ever capture the entire ethic of Jesus Christ.  It doesn’t mean that Christians can’t be good voting and involved citizens (in fact we should); it just means to be careful not to allow Senator so-and-so speak for Jesus.  I realize not everyone that reads this blog is a Christian, I’m just giving you my perspective here.

So there it is.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, perhaps I’ll include politics in my blog here and there.


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