Are You Seeking to Persuade God in Prayer?

Age has tempered me a bit, but I still like a good debate.  Well, let me correct that: I like a good discourse.  It’s fun to consider all sides of a point and unwrap them like a mysterious birthday present.  The problem, many many times, is that the conversation turns into something you win rather than a subject you get to explore.

It’s also not out of the question for us to approach God the same way in prayer.  We anticipate the outcome even before we fold our hands and bow our head.  We formulate a strategy as “Amen” is uttered under our breath.  Then, through our actions and even more prayers, we seek to win God over.

Today, consider the words of O. Hallesby:

“…prayer is looked upon as as a means by which God can be made to relent, and be moved to give us an answer to our prayers.  And if our prayers do succeed in accomplishing this, it is because we have fought with God, stormed Him with supplications, convinced Him by our crying needs, and, on the whole, persevered until He has yielded.  It is not necessary to be very familiar with the Bible in order to know this view of wrestling in prayer is pagan, and not Christian.  God is Himself good.  It is not necessary for us to pray or wrestle in prayer in order to make God kind or generous…He is not only good; He is also omniscient, knowing at all times what is best for us.  It is not necessary for us to try to teach Him what is best for us by argumentation, persuasion, or much talking.”


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