Can You Really Believe in Nonviolence?

Someone violates and/or hurts you.  How do you respond?

‘But I say to you that listen, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,’ -Luke 6:27

These are one of the toughest sayings of Jesus.  Is it just hyperbole?  Is it truly a command?

I had a friend that towed a line that looked like this: If his family were to be attacked, he would instinctively do whatever it takes to defend his family.  But he confessed that this would be violating Jesus’ ethic.  Can you really believe in something while admitting in certain circumstances you will violate that belief?

While I wrestle with these questions, I will say this.  Every time…I mean every.single.time…that I pray for someone that is bothering or frustrating me, I am struck with a dose of peace and freedom in my spirit that cannot be ignored.

I’m no Gandhi or MLK Jr., but Jesus’ call to nonviolence isn’t out of the question for me or anybody.

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