What’s So Wrong About Not Knowing?

Whether through the recent Guy Richie movies or the new TV Series “Elementary,” America is enthralled with Sherlock Holmes.

And yeah, I’m hooked too.

Perhaps he has the same appeal as MacGyver did, without the beautiful lion’s mane of a hairdo.  These guys can just figure anything out through deductive reasoning and careful attention to detail.  The hook, of course, is that you want to be like these but you aren’t.

You want to figure out every problem that is shuffled onto your desk.  You want to solve the mystery of why certain people are behaving a certain way and provide a way out.  You want to know.  You want to know because in knowing you have some semblance of control over the chaos.

Think about it.  Being dumped by your girlfriend isn’t the worst; it’s the awkward two weeks before hand when so much is unknown.  It’s not the shock of a diagnosis; it’s the fear of an unknown future.  You would think the antidote of this fear of the unknown is knowledge.  But that is wrong.

It’s faith.

Faith, at its core, is unknowing.  It’s accepting the reality that Sherlock Holmes is really just TV; and that there is so much we cannot know or control.

Yes, continue to grow in knowledge; but don’t fret if you don’t have it.  Have faith.


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