Are You a Passionate Fan? I Hope Not.

I’m a huuuuge Cleveland sports fan.  A passionate…excited…miserable Cleveland sports fan.  I used to spend so much time watching Sports Center, listening to sports talk radio, and checking all the latest news on rumor sites.  I still do that somewhat regularly, but it just doesn’t have the same draw as it used to.

My life has changed.  I have a son, now nearly 2, that occupies my time and attention when I’m at home.  We also have a TV package that doesn’t carry the local games.  Things are different now, so even though I’m just as passionate a fan, I’m just not as active.

So I can understand a little bit about why people, especially younger believers, are less active in living out their faith intentionally in a church community.  They may feel as though they are just as committed to church or their small group, they just can’t go as much anymore.

There’s just one problem with that comparison.

As Christians, we’re not fans.  We’re on the team.


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