Do You Feel Guilty for Good Things?

After spending generations wandering in the wilderness, dealing with hunger, disease, wars, and the smite of God, the Israelites finally reached the Promised Land.  You can imagine the collective sigh of relief, the weight being lifted off.  But I wonder…did they feel guilty?

I mean, there was so much blood, sweat, and tears; most of which was given by their forefathers.  Do they feel guilty for finally living in the land flowing with milk and honey?

There are those seasons in our lives where things are actually going well.  It’s a season of blessing.

And then we look over to our neighbor and realize that theirs is the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  What do we do?  Are we getting too comfortable?  Too blessed?

You don’t need to feel guilt over the season you are in; and God isn’t asking for us to be miserable in order to closer to Him.  It’s what you do in the season of blessing that makes all the difference.  Throwing the guilt aside, asking what your season of blessing means is a fabulous thing.  It means that you’ve kept the words of Jesus on your heart and that “eye of a needle” in your mind.

The Promised Land is meant to incite purpose; not guilt.


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