Don’t You Hate Rules?

When riding with a friend in a small town in Michigan, a speed trap nailed us.  Down a hill and through a light…who would have known the speed would dip to 25mph?

Townies, that’s who.

Familiarity with the area would have helped for out-of-towners like us.  But then again, they knew that.  It was like the law was set up just so people could fail it and pay up.

As Moses brought the Torah, the Law, down from the mountain; their nation was still being formed and the people were still getting to know God.  God had made a relationship with the people, a covenant to be their God and for the people to be His people.

The Law is what teaches the people how to live out that covenant with Him.  And yes, it’s still law, meaning it’s serious…but how else should covenant with God be treated?

God’s laws are not setting us up to fail.  Instead of treating the Law like a speed trap, I wonder what would be revealed if we dug into why God would institute those laws for those people for that covenant.  Perhaps we might discover for ourselves a little more about what it means to live in covenant with God.


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