Do You Believe in Diversity? I’m Not Convinced…

It’s easy…comfortable…non-anxious to truly connect with people just like us.

It’s also very easy to connect only with people like us while claiming to believe in diversity.  Diversity’s cool, right?  I believe it that.  We have a black president, after all, and I even voted for him!

If you believe in diversity, would anyone know that simply by the way you live your life?

In a recent NPR article called “Some of My Best Friends Aren’t Black or Brown or Asian…,” Gene Demby captures the nominal diversity that so many of us subscribe to.  He references author Tanner Colby, saying:

Colby said that white people often told him that they were reluctant to reach across racial lines because they felt uncomfortable; they didn’t want to put their foot in their mouth or say the wrong thing. For black people, Colby said, the “reticence was about a sense that white people were kind of useless” — they’d be frustrated by white people’s seeming lack of curiosity or foundational knowledge about black people and their experiences. “The word I kept hearing from everyone, regardless of race, was ‘comfort,'” he said.

Can you lay down your comfort and live your belief in diversity?


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