What Can I Learn From Leaders? (Observe)

…that’s what I asked Brad Withers, a business consultant from our church.  The following blog posts take us through his answer.

Watch who follows and who falls away.

Building a team is good; building a team that is completely bought it is vital.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way at times.  I’ve found that tons of people are into your idea, and are even cheering from grandstands…they’re just not ready to be on the field.  I’ve made the mistake of touting the number of people who attended a meeting or two, thinking they will all be that core leadership that believes wholly in what we’re doing.

Building a team, then, takes a little time…time to observe who sticks around when the going gets tough.  And if someone falls away, don’t sweat it.  Chances are a more dedicated follower will join the ranks.

My struggle with this is knowing what I have to work with, and if it’s enough to pan out.  How long do I wait for a team to come together before we launch a project or ministry?  Do you wait until you have your complete team, or do you forge ahead with the trust that some people will join as you get going?


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