What Can I Learn From Leaders? (taking temperature)

…that’s what I asked Brad Withers, a business consultant from our church.  The following blog posts take us through his answer.

Take the temperature of a group; but don’t be afraid to lead.

Sometimes I can move so quickly ahead I leave my team or congregation in the dust.

Do they get it?  Are they with me?  Is there a side of things that I don’t get?

Simple questions, such as asking for concerns or commentary, can go a long way.  This also takes a bit of time.  If you present an idea to a team member, they may need a week to process it.

So take the temperature of the team and meet them where they’re at; but don’t be afraid to turn up the heat.  I think people want to be assured that the leader still cares if they are with him/her or not, but they still want a leader.  Pilots will try their best to make everyone as comfortable as possible, but their primary responsibility is to get the people from point A to B.

My struggle?  To have the patience enough to keep the team with me.

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