What Can I Learn From Leaders? (inquiry)

…that’s what I asked Brad Withers, a business consultant from our church.  The following blog posts take us through his answer.

Better leaders ask really good questions.

My worst self just wants to tell people.  What to think.  How to feel.  How to respond.  But that’s how you build a robot, and programming a robot just creates more work for yourself.  A dependency is created where I have to OK everything, sign everything, direct everything.

A better team empowers individuals to flourish with creativity and risk-taking…and questions cultivate that.  Good questions give you a way to challenge process in a way that is not self serving.  True, you risk a project going in a direction you didn’t envision.  But ask in the right way and you should still end up in the right place.

My struggle with this is giving up control and risking a different outcome.  But honestly, if I get into a ‘telling’ mode I never end up in the place I want to be because I’ve lost the team.


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