Involved in a Misunderstanding?

Misunderstanding — it can ruin a whole lot.

Interpersonal communication is more complicated than we give credit for.  What we say and what we think we are saying are two different things, along with what we hear and what we think we hear.  Add in the complexity of emotions and messy situations and it’s a wonder how we ever get along.

There was a time when I was having some conflict with a church member.  I was taking things personally and reacting emotionally just as anyone else would.

But…I began pray for her.

Prayer turned to forgiveness.

Forgiveness turned to compassion.

Compassion turned to understanding (obviously the nemesis of misunderstanding).

And understanding brought forth reconciliation and grace.

Today, don’t forget to hold your relationships…good and bad…in prayer.  They are a ball spinning on a finger, and are too important to be compromised by misunderstanding.

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