Do You Have Ears to Hear?

“He who has ears, let him hear.”

What a funny saying.  It’s a phrase Jesus would use a lot in his teaching, particularly to those who seemed a bit baffled by the mystery of his parables.  Parables are the functional opposite of the Law.  Rules spell everything out…what the law says, goes.  Parables are more abstract, take a bit of pondering, and many times leave you without a definitive answer.

What kind of teaching is that?

Listening for me is something I need to put effort into.  It just doesn’t happen naturally.  “He who has ears” is definitely not me.  Maybe that’s why I stew for weeks over a decision, complaining that God isn’t speaking loudly enough.  But what I didn’t realize until recently is that “having ears” may not have anything to do with actual, definitive answers.

Maybe “having ears” means to take in the Word without spitting it out the minute I don’t understand.  Having ears means to let thoughts, prayers, convictions, and revelations marinate a bit.  To take it in.  To truly listen.

Sure, I may not have an answer right now.  Perhaps it’s not time.  Perhaps I need to grow more.  But that doesn’t need to stop me from listening and waiting for the coming Word.


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