If a Call is Unspecific to You, Does That Make It Generic?

Exactly how involved is God in our lives?

Does He really direct each breath?  Does He speak to us about every decision?  Does He care what I have for dinner, or if the Cleveland Browns win (please!)?

I find myself often looking for God’s direction.  What should I say?  What should I do?  It seems super complicated, but many times the answer is right there and we don’t even realize it.

Think of the Greatest Commandment, to love God and love neighbor.  Would a situation call you to love God in a certain way; or love another person in a certain way?  Or perhaps you’re looking for God to reveal what to major in, or where to work, or where to live.  You may not receive an answer today or tomorrow.  Perhaps there is another time for that answer to be revealed.  But as you wait, what can you do today?  How can you follow the way of Jesus?  The answer to that question is God’s Will for you today.

Sometimes the voice of God is specific, sometimes not.  But just because the call to love God and love neighbor is a shared call doesn’t mean it’s generic.  As far as I can tell, you and me have plenty of work to do when it comes to loving both God and neighbor.  And my hunch is that whatever specific call you’re waiting for will lead you to that very call.


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