Sermon Snapshot: Wander No More

40 years…the time of testing and judgement.  A time filled with confusion, doubt, inefficiency, attrition, and sin.  It is the dark night of the soul.  The time you wish you had another life and were another person.  A time that makes you want to rewind and start all over…or just end it all together.  Nobody wishes for 40 years, not for them or even their worst enemy.


40 years is a definitive time.   It does come to an end.  There are brighter days, and moments of hope.  There is laughter and celebration, reinforced love of forgiveness and grace.  There is reconciliation and peace.  God does come out of the shadows and proclaim that you will wander no more.  There will be no more suffering and pain.

There is a Promised Land.

It’s coming.

It’s here.

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