Will You Just Answer the Door?

As I get older, I am convinced that the Christian life is less about doing or accomplishing something and more about simply opening the door for God to work.  “Behold I stand at the door and knock,” says Jesus.  But I’ve got music blaring in my head, I’m busy working on stuff, and my soul is distracted.  Jesus is knocking.  Is anyone home?  Will anyone answer the freaking door?!

It’s one of those mysteries, I suppose.  Why would God allow someone like me, or you, to get in the way?  Why doesn’t Jesus just pry the door open like a thief or assault it like the police?

It seems like it would be easy to just let something happen…to let God work…to stand out of the way.  But it’s not.

Grace of God, come unto me.

Today, instead of an aspirational prayer that aims for moved mountains or changing the world; pray simply that you’ll be able to let go, to open up, and to allow God do God’s thing in your heart and in this world.

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