Sermon Snapshot: A Theology of ‘New’

On Sunday we’re starting a new series called All Things New.

This is the time when people are often starting something new.  New school…job…classes…and more.  Often you have to buy new equipment for these new changes, as well as adopt a new family schedule with a new season of readjustment.  There’s always a sense of excitement around the ‘new.’

But the New can also brings struggle or uncertainty.  After all, you could end up having a bad professor or boss.  You could have the worst assignments or tough stretch at work.  As much as things could easily go right, they could also go terribly wrong.  And let’s face it, change is never easy.

So it makes you wonder…is the New actually a good thing?

Well, yes.

The reason?  Because God says this:

“Behold, I make all things new.”

If you can make it in person or online, we’d love you to join us.  (

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