Will We Ever Learn?

Reading the book of Judges is a bit depressing.  That’s what I’m going through in my own devotion time at the moment.  I love the heroic stories of how these anointed led Israel, resulting in peace.  But the broken record of “falling away from the Lord” doesn’t exactly put your faith in humanity.

Actually, we live in a society that wants us to do just that.  I’m not going to walk you through secular humanism…you can Wikipedia that.  They will taut the really awesome things humans have done, like medical discoveries, prize-winning actions of peace, or the new Samsung Galaxy.  On paper, it appears that the world is a much more civil place.

But then there’s Sarin gas in Syria, nuclear arms, poverty in Africa, human trafficking in Ohio, and much…MUCH…more.

Even among the more sophisticated, like greed and materialism.

Then there’s the day-to-day stuff that lingers on, like bitterness, sloth, lust, and pride.

Have we really progressed?  Will we ever learn?

Now in this all there is an incredible freedom that comes in faith in God.  Freedom to know that we are not the solution to our own problems.  Freedom in receiving forgiveness and giving it.  Freedom in reliance on the One that promises to end all this imperfection, and a new kind of ethic that comes from that promise.

Indeed, there is hope!  Just not in us.


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